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Meadow Honey Farm, run by
Rob and Jo Nickless, provides pollination services, beekeeping courses, and honey and beeswax products from Oxfordshire and Berkshire.

Initially a hobby, Rob and Jo Nickless started keeping honey bees in 2006.


While Rob honed his beekeeping skills, Jo learned about the properties of beeswax and started to develop a range of products: everything from handcream to furniture polish.


In 2010, starting a family was an impetus for developing the business further and Rob gave up the day job to concentrate on their bees (and their children!). The number of hives quickly grew and they now have about 150 hives located across Oxfordshire and Berkshire – from the meadows by the River Thames to the heights of the beautiful Berkshire Downs.


Today, Meadow Honey Farm offer pollination services, beekeeping courses and a range of hive products. We think you will be amazed at the range of products that you can produce from a beehive. We have a number of bee-licious honeys, some tasty honey foods, beautiful beeswax candles and a skincare range that will have your skin glowing. 



All honey starts off runny but, over time, it granulates. How quickly this happens depends on the flowers that the nectar has been collected from. Spring honey tends to granulate very quickly, so we use that honey to produce our delicious soft set honey. In comparison, summer blossom honey stays runny for much longer.


If you want to return granulated honey to a runny consistency just warm it gently and it will return to its runny state.


We produce Soft Set Honey, Summer Blossom Honey, Borage Honey and, when the season allows, Heather Blend Honey. These and our range of tasty honey foods - Marmalade, Mustard and Fudge, all with honey of course - are available here .



Beeswax is produced by worker bees to form the honeycomb. After we have extracted the honey, the wax cappings create the finest beeswax.

Pure beeswax candles are slow and clean-burning and will give off the delightful aroma of honey.


Our range of skin care products - soap, lip balms, and hand and foot creams - all utilize the moisturizing properties of beeswax. Beeswax is noted for its anti-inflammatory, skin softening and antioxidant properties.


Furniture also benefits from the rejuvenating properties of beeswax in our furniture polishes.


You can buy our range of beeswax products here.

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